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Christmas Special 1: The Handmaid of Nazareth
聖誕特輯一: 納匝肋的婢女

Over two thousand years ago, as part of His salvation plan, God chose Mary from Nazareth as the Mother of our Saviour and sent an angel to announce the news to her. With a simple response Mary became a collaborator in God’s plan. Fountain of Grace takes you to Our Lady’s hometown Nazareth and the mountain region of Ein Karem in the south, where the Annunciation and the Visitation took place.


Christmas Special 2: And the Word Became Flesh
聖誕特輯二: 聖言成了血肉

Over two thousand years ago, our Redeemer Jesus Christ incarnated himself and lived among us. Why did the Son of God the creator become a creature? Fountain of Grace goes to Bethlehem, where Jesus was born, to explore this mystery.

二千多年前,人類的救主耶穌基督,降生成人,寄居在我們中間。為什麼天主子要 由造物主成爲血肉之軀,成為受造物呢?《愛•常傳》特別去到耶穌降生之地白冷,探討這­個奧秘。

Meaning of Christmas 聖誕的意義

We will listen to some Christmas stories and hopefully learn the true meaning of Christmas. We will hear the importance of family, the effects of prayer, the role of Angels, the attitude when giving gifts and the true spirit of unconditional love.


A Happy Life 喜樂人生

The third Sunday of Advent is "Gaudete Sunday", and this week Fr. Francis Chong shares with us about the meaning of this day in the Church, as well as holding an attitude that allows us to live in joy, while also recalling some pastoral experiences.


Online Christmas Videos

Christ and Christmas
説聖誕 • 論耶穌

Jesus is the centre of Christmas. But how well do we know Jesus? During Christmas season, a Roman Catholic church in Scarborough, Toronto, has come together with their neighbours, an Anglican church and a Presbyterian church, in a project to inspire us to reflect what Jesus really means to us.


Jesus is the Reason for the Season

As Christmas approaches, we revisit the true meaning of the season, and how some people spend this Christmas holiday in more meaningful ways.


Online Christmas Audio Programs

Mary of Nazareth 納匝肋的瑪利亞

We will share about the meaning and significance of Mary's Immaculate Conception, as well as her role in God's plan of salvation. 聖母瑪利亞係天主教徒心中有著什麼的地位?為甚麼會有人會認為天主教徒朝拜聖母?甚麼是聖母無染原罪?今集「愛‧生命」,讓我們一齊來了解聖母同聽聽聖母係天主救贖工程中所擔當的角色。
Publish date: 2013-12-06


Publish date: 2012-12-23


Publish date: 2012-12-14


十二月八日是聖母始胎無原罪瞻禮,同大家分享這個瞻禮的歷史; 以及《生命恩泉》 - 「耶穌降世,聖誕真諦」 網站。
Publish date: 2012-12-8


Publish date: 2012-12-1

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