Jesus is the Reason for the Season 耶穌降世,聖誕真諦

When many are avoiding the word “Christmas” for the sake of being politically correct, we who have received the love and salvation from Jesus Christ need to tell the world about the true meaning of Christmas. It is the celebration of the birth of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, who came to save the world. Without Jesus, would there be Christmas?

Fountain of Love and Life has produced some stickers and buttons to help you remind people of the true meaning of Christmas during Advent and the Christmas season.

Virtual Badge on Your Social Media

Fountain of Love and Life has prepared a virtual badge which you can add to your Facebook profile picture easily. This is the perfect opportunity to remind your friends and families the true meaning of Christmas!

How do I use the buttons?

  • Wear them wherever you go, especially when you go Christmas shopping
  • Put them on your reusable shopping bags, especially the FLL shopping bag
  • Use them as Christmas tree decoration
  • Put them on your baby’s stroller

Be creative!

Let's touch the world with Christ's Love this Christmas!

Your parish, parish groups, school, or community groups can make a difference this Christmas by taking part in this meaningful campaign. Order Christmas buttons in bulk and give them out for free or use them for fundraising for your parish/group. The more people who wear these buttons, the more people will receive the message! We hope that your parish/group will join us in this campaign to let the world know the true reason for their Christmas celebration. Join forces with us and be the ambassadors for CHRISTmas!

Where can I get these stickers and buttons?

Click here to order these buttons in bulk.The stickers and buttons are also available for free at the FLL Office and FLL Bookstore. Donations are welcome.

Last year we distributed around 10,000 Christmas buttons in the Greater Toronto Area, and in some other cities in North America. This year, we hope to distribute at least double this amount. Here are some encouraging stories from last year's participants.

I was wearing my "I Love Christmas" button to work and it caught the attention of my coworkers. One co-worker asked where I got it and I told her we are giving it away so I gave her four for her family. The next day this co-worker asked me for more because she found these buttons to be great and wanted to hand some out to his son's hockey team members. She also mentioned that her daughter gave away her own button to her friend because she liked it. On the third day I had to give her more buttons because a few of her daughter's friends wanted one too.

--Ann, Toronto
I have been wearing the button "It's okay to say Merry Christmas to me" ever since I got it. One morning my wife and I went shopping. A few salespersons noticed the message on the button and commented that it's the right thing to say. Two of them asked me where I got the button. My wife gave away her button to the salesperson. He happily put it on his shirt right away and said that now people know that they can wish him a Merry Christmas. We wished one another Merry Christmas when we left the store .

--Daniel, Mississauga

Besides using these stickers and buttons, what else can I do?

Please share with us your experience of using these tools.

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