Jesus is the Reason for the Season 耶穌降世,聖誕真諦

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I was wearing my "I Love Christmas" button to work and it caught the attention of my coworkers. One coworker asked where I got it and I told her we are giving it away so I gave her four for her family. The next day this coworker asked me for more because she found these buttons to be great and wanted to hand some out to his son's hockey team members. She also mentioned that her daughter gave away her own button to her friend because she liked it. On the third day I had to give her more buttons because a few of her daughter's friends wanted one too.

A side story to this is that my coworker gave a "It's OK to say Mery Christmas to me" to her friend who is a public school teacher. This teacher wore the button to school risking getting into trouble because they are not supposed to promote any religious beliefs. Her persistence was to show everyone at school that it was ok to say Merry Christmas to her because she believed herself.

A comment made was to have these available earlier next year if we decide to do the campaign again.

--Ann, Toronto
I have been wearing the button "It's okay to say Merry Christmas to me" ever since I got it. This morning I went shopping with my wife. A few salespersons noticed the message on the button and commented that it is the right thing to say. Two of them asked me where I got the button. I explained to them briefly about our ministry and the thought behind the idea. In the first instance, my wife (who also had been wearing the button ever since she got it), gave away her button to the salesperson. The young gentlemen happily put it on his shirt right away and said that now people know that they can wish him a Merry Christmas. We wished other Merry Christmas when we left the store (with no purchase) and the other salespersons also wished us Merry Christmas. In the second instance, I gave the saleslady my button. She was very surprised and asked me a few times whether I am sure. Finally she accepted the button and she thanked me happily.

--Daniel, Mississauga
I went to the bank to confirm some pre-authorized payment transactions during lunch earlier in the week. When I approached the bank teller, she spotted my "I love CHRISTmas" button which was pinned on my down jacket, she commented that she really liked it. Also, she told me that she saw another customer yesterday at the bank who was wearing a button saying "It's okay to say Merry Christmas to me." She told me that it was so cool.

--Colette, Toronto
"I am a Catholic, therefore I wish you a Merry Christmas". This was the first sentence of the welcome speech from the President in my corporate Christmas Party last year. The audience responded with cheers and applause.

When I saw the button "It's okay to say Merry Christmas to me", I think I found the best Christmas gift for myself. I wore it all the time including going to work. A number of co-workers made positive comments and wished me a Merry Christmas. Some of them asked where they can buy the button. I gave them one each along with the most update issue of FLL newsletter. They thanked me and started wearing the button. This experience taught me that even small action can be a loud voice. As Catholic we need to reiterate that it is Christmas season not holiday season.

--Linda, Toronto

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