Jesus is the Reason for the Season 耶穌降世,聖誕真諦

  1. Send Christmas cards/e-cards with spiritual messages and/or the nativity scene.

  2. Invite your family and friends to watch a Christmas-themed movie with you, such as Mary of Nazareth, or if you have a party at your house, play a DVD such as The Nativity Story.

  3. Invite a non-Catholic friend to attend midnight mass with you.

  4. Send a compliment email to businesses that put “Christmas” greetings in their stores
    to tell them how much you appreciate them keeping “Christmas” in their stores.

  5. Say “Merry Christmas” instead of of “Happy Holidays”. If you are worried you may offend someone, say both greetings.

  6. Play Christmas music that has a religious message, e.g. Silent Night, Joy to the World, instead of secular ones.

  7. Plan a project of good will, e.g. adopt a family or volunteer at a food bank, and invite your colleagues and friends to join you. Tell them you do this because it is “Christmas”.

  8. Write “Christmas” instead of “X’mas” to clearly show there is “Christ” in “Christmas”.

  9. Prepare yourself for Christmas during Advent. Go to confession before Christmas.

  10. Set up a nativity scene in your home and decorate your Christmas tree with religious decorations, such as angels and stars.

Please share with us your experience.

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